7: “Tone Twilight Zone” by Cornelius

Cornelius, damn dirty ape.Cornelius is a Japanese artist whose music ranges from earsplitting punk to Disneyland psychedelia.  In his 2001 release Point, he tried to reduce his music down to its essence, hence Point.  A beautiful example of a successful attempt is the song “Tone Twilight Zone.”

Yes, he named his artistic persona after the character in Planet of the Apes.  Japanese people are whacky.  They sell used panties in vending machines in Japan, I’ve heard.  Forget I said that.

A great song for headphones.

Watch the video, too!


Song: Tone Twilight Zone
Artist: Cornelius
Album: Point
Label: Post Modern Recording Company
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG
Watch: YouTubeDailyMotion

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