14: “D’yer Maker” (Bonham, J), by Dennis Caplinger (Pickin’ On Series)

Led Zeppelin has become Wooden Zeppelin, uh, because wood is like bluegrass music.The Pickin’ On series of bluegrass tribute recordings have enriched my life.

On Pickin’ On Led Zeppelin, Vol 1-2 (2003), a handful of bluegrass artists perform their take on the Zep’s classics.  It’s not as crazy sounding as you might think.

It’s a great cover of “D’yer Maker” on Vol 1 that you should now download and listen to.


Song: D’yer Maker
Artist: Various Artists (this would be a good band name.)
Album: Pickin’ On Led Zeppelin, Vol 1
Label: CMH Records, Inc.
Buy from: Amazon
Listen: YouTube

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