18: “Portrait of Tracy” by Jaco Pastorius

Jaco got his first electric bass guitar from a pawn shop for $15.Jaco Pastorius died at age 35 after dealing with substance abuse for a while.  He was living on the streets near the time of his death which was the result of an altercation at a Ft. Lauderdale bar.  He had bipolar disorder.

So there’s a ray of sunshine in your day!!  But forget all about that sad part of Jaco Pastorius’ life, and take a listen to one of the remarkable parts of his life.  One of the parts where he was becoming one of the most influential bass players of all time.

This song, “Portrait of Tracy,” from his self-titled 1976 album, is full of harmonics and is not what you think of when you think bass guitar.  It’s a haunting, wandering tune, but it gets beautiful at the end.


Song: Portrait of Tracy
Artist: Jaco Pastorius
Album: Jaco Pastorius
Label: Epic/Legacy
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube

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