20: “Gabrielle” by Ween

Ween Love You.Say what you will about the “brothers” Gene and Dean Ween, it’s probably deserved.  But then there’s the fact that they’ve also been able to write some genuinely good music mixed in with the sophomoric humor that I also wind up enjoying.  And then again, I am pretty sure that everything this band does has a tongue in its cheek.

Ween can croon, they can swing, they can go country (they did so, with Willie Nelson’s band on 12 Golden Country Greats), they can even mock Prince and compliment him at the same time.  Gene Ween does Michael McDonald as well as anyone on “Boys Club” from Shinola Vol 1… a song that’s only as gay as you make it.

In “Gabrielle,” they seem to be channeling Thin Lizzy.  They can flip between genres/sounds as quickly as they can offend.  If you like the idea of a band doing Thin Lizzy better than Thin Lizzy, download this.

Ween only sounds this way on this one song.  Every other song is completely different.  I dig that.

This is a safe Ween track.  So, enjoy.

Song: Gabrielle
Artist: Ween
Album: Shinola (Vol 1)
Label: Chocodog Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: YouTube

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