21: “The Suspension Bridge At Iguazú Falls” by Tortoise

Tortoise in a swamp.  Get it?  Wait, that's turtles.Tortoise is a “post-rock”(?) instrumental band that formed in Chicago in 1990.  I saw them live around 1994 at a tiny little club on Madison St in Midtown Memphis (Barrister’s, it might have been called at the time?).  The band members kept switching instruments between songs with no reduction in the quality of the music, which I thought was very cool.

The vibraphone plays an important part in their music which helps piece together the puzzle of why they are a “post-rock” band instead of, say, “wealthy pop stars.”

This song, “The Suspension Bridge At Iguazú Falls,” is from TNT (1998).  It has about a minute long intro before it gets to the meat of the song, which is what the samples on Amazon and iTunes play for you.


Song: The Suspension Bridge At Iguazú Falls
: Tortoise
: Thrill Jockey
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: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: YouTube

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