23: “Astronaut Love Triangle” by Charlie Hunter

Charlie Hunter Works Hard For The Money, So You Better Treat Him Right.Charlie Hunter is a guitar virtuoso who designed his own 8-string guitar so that he could play bass and lead guitar all with just his own ten fingers.  It’s really amazing to watch him play in person.

I believe he’s at his best when he’s rocking the guitar like he did with The Coalition of the Willing (Bobby Previte, Skerik, Robert Walter, and others) several years ago.  On his own and with his trio, he writes great melodies, and can play so soulfully that he doesn’t need to technically wow crowds to win them over.

He’s recorded with a constantly varying cast of bandmates, but none have had better song-developing chemistry than the trio that recorded Copperopolis (2006), Mistico (2007), and Baboon Strength (2008): Erik Deutsch (keys), Simon Lott (drums), and Charlie.  On this track, “Astronaut Love Triangle” from Baboon Strength, the Charlie Hunter trio have created a song that combines extraterrestrial synthesizer and Charlie’s own version of guitar rock, to create a grooving instrumental parody of the real-life astronaut love triangle that the name seems to reference (remember the astronaut who drove cross-country wearing adult diapers to save time getting to her rival lover? yeah, that astronaut love triangle.).

So don’t hold it in.  I got you covered.  Sit back, put your foot on the gas and enjoy.

Song: Astronaut Love Triangle
Artist: Charlie Hunter
Album: Baboon Strength
Label: reapandsow, inc.
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube (live version)

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