24: “Holy Ghost” by The Bar-Kays


Look, guys, I flipped a booger up on the ceiling.Here’s one of the funkiest bands of the early 70’s operating at full throttle.  “Holy Ghost” weighs in at 8 and a half minutes, plenty of time for the funk to ebb and flow through countless meters of head-bobbing goodness.  This song was Bar-Kay’d in 1975.

The Bar-Kays were a Stax Records staple.  They backed a bunch of Stax artists including Isaac Hayes on Hot Buttered Soul.

But where the hell did the name “The Bar-Kays” come from?  It’s like having a big scary bulldog and naming him “Sparkles.”  Just doesn’t fit.  I guess it was a different time in the 60’s when they formed, and that was a cooler name then than it sounds now.  What’s in a band name, anyway?  A good topic to pursue in subsequent posts.

Enjoy the funk.

Song: Holy Ghost
Artist: The Bar-Kays
Album: The Best of the Bar-Kays
Label: Fantasy Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: YouTube

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