38: “Crumble” by G. Love & Special Sauce

G Love: how many white guys can get away with naming themselves this way?G Love is a Philly-based exporter of smoove, which is a commodity if you know how to bottle it.

He was a rich boy who went a different way.  That reminds me of an account I heard recently of a young son telling his mom, “Mom, I want to be a musician when I grow up.”

The mother says, “Make up your mind.  You can’t do both.”

I’m glad G. Love hasn’t grown all the way up, yet, and is still cranking out tunes as fresh as the cold beverages he professes to enjoy (2nd video below).

This tune is “Crumble” from 2008’s Superhero Brother.


Song: Crumble
: G. Love & Special Sauce
: Superhero Brother
: Brushfire Records
Buy from
: Amazon | iTunes

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