40: “Where It’s At” by Beck (Lloyd Price Express Remix by John King)

L. Ron Hubbard dressed them psyonically from beyond the grave.This is a rocking remix of the 1996 Beck classic, “Where It’s At.”

I found out Beck is a scientologist a few years ago, and it’s tainted my experience of his music ever since.  Scientologists are as ridiculous as creationists and tiny dogs wearing clothes.

Before I found out about Beck’s relationship with The Church, I strongly admired his absurd style and sideways funk… as you can appreciate in the video below.  Beck’s a great entertainer, so I try to forgive him his irrationality while still appreciating it.  I have to remember that some of the best people the world has ever known have been completely irrational.  It takes all kinds, right?

So, for a few moments, drive out thoughts of shady, cult-like organizations, and enjoy.

Song: Where It’s At (Lloyd Price Express Remix by John King)
Artist: Beck
Album: Where It’s At
Label: Import (Generic)
Buy from: Amazon

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