41: “Three More Days” by Ray LaMontagne

Laugh, bitch.Ray LaMontagne is a singer/songwriter from Nebraska whose story is as intriguing as his raspy voice.

According to Wikipedia, his musician father abandoned his family while Ray was young, and he avoided music most of his life for this reason.

He left home young and worked 65 hours a week in a shoe factory (I’m not making it up, still from Wikipedia), and one morning when awakened for his first shift by a Stephen Stills song, “Treetop Flyer,” he decided to become a singer/songwriter.  He started touring in 1999.

I love stories about lives changing for the better in a single moment.

Thank-you, radio, for playing that song right then, and laying it just right in Ray LaMontagne’s ear holes.  Thank-you, Ray, for hearing whatever it was you heard.

“Three More Days” is probably Ray’s most upbeat, rocking tune.  Most of his songs are pensive, soulful, and unhurried.  He seems to long for a simpler time, and sometimes his voice can take you there.

Enjoy this live version from BBC.

Song: Three More Days
Artist: Ray LaMontagne
Album: Till The Sun Turns Black
Label: RCA Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

Now listen to the song that inspired Ray, “Treetop Flyer.”

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