43: “To The Bone” by Mugison

Totally normal in Iceland.If you’re like me, sometimes you wake up and think “Golly, I want to listen to some Icelandic music… Because life isn’t insane enough.”

Well, I am here to serve it up for you.  Mugison is like the Justin Bieber of Iceland.  Except way hairier, and less mature and probably not as popular.  And when you listen to his music, you will sometimes feel like his therapist.

This one, “To The Bone,” from 2008’s Mugiboogie, gives you a palatable taste of Mugison’s freakish range of Icelandic sounds.  His music ranges from outright screaming to heart-wrenching ballads.  “To The Bone” even has autotune done well…


Song: To The Bone
Artist: Mugison
Album: Mugiboogie
Label: Ipecac Recordings
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Rdio
Watch: YouTube

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