75: “Feels Just Like It Should” by Jamiroquai

I know you got to understand. Uhhhh. Feel me.Here’s an interesting(?) video from the stalwart Jamiroquai.

I can’t exactly understand the lyrics, but I’m thinking this is Not Safe For Mom.


Song: Feels Just Like It Should
Artist: Jamiroquai
Album: Dynamite
Label: Sony
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74: “Where Flamingos Fly” by Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake

Not just any old white dude in a suit with a beard at a piano.This album is only available by import (and insanely expensive!), but the song is hypnotizing, so I thought I’d share.  Ran Blake is an American pianist and composer.  Way back in 1961, he and vocalist Jeanne Lee created a riveting album called The Newest Sound Around.  Ran is still kickin’ but Jeanne left us back in 2000.

Here’s a little taste.  Enjoy.

Song: Where Flamingos Fly
Artist: Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake
Album: The Newest Sound Around
Label: RCA/Victor
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73: “Ain’t No Such Thing As Superman” by Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson

Gil Scott-Heron could give Zoolander a run for his money.Gil Scott-Heron had a great voice and a sharp tongue.  He’s still around.  He put out I’m New Here in February 2010, but it doesn’t sound anything like the tunes he created with Brian Jackson in the early 70’s.  I’m New Here is dark and haunting.  The songs of a hardened man.

Here’s a song, “Ain’t No Such Thing As Superman,” from The First Minute Of A New Day (1975) that has a good message.  Worth at least a once-over.


Song: Ain’t No Such Thing As Superman
Artist: Gil Scott Heron
Album: The First Minute of a New Day
Label: Arista / TVT Records
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72: “Twilight Time” by The Three Suns

Introducing P Diddy's new backup band...The Three Suns were an instrumental pop group in the 40’s and 50’s.  They rocked an accordion and created an often-copied future lounge sound.

Here’s their classic debut, from 1944.


Song: Twilight Time
Artist: The Three Suns
Album: Twilight Time
Label: K-Tel
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71: “Dirty Dog” by Bobby Rush


How can you not trust this face?I don’t care who you are, this is good music.  It comes from a real place and it’s got soul.

Bobby Rush is worth a listen.  I saw him live at The New Daisy Theater in Memphis way back in 1999 (?), and for an intro, the band and an emcee came out and started a groove, and the emcee got the crowd chanting “Bobby RUSHHHH… Bobby RUSHHHH…” all leading up to his coming out to shed a velvety cape, James Brown-style, and whoop the crowd into a frenzy.  He loves to tell stories before during and after songs, about the trials and travails of love and its juicy transgressions.  He puts on quite a show.  This is a good example of the kind of song that makes me love Bobby Rush.  He’s putting out some more serious albums lately, but I lean toward the Undercover Lover-type tunes.


Song: Dirty Dog
Artist: Bobby Rush
Album: Undercover Lover
Label: Deep Rush Records
Buy from: Amazon (CD Only)

70: “Wildcat” by Ratatat

Your mom called. She's listening to Ratatat.Ratatat is an electronic duo out of New York City.  This track, “Wildcat,” from Classics (2006) perfectly embodies the 80’s for me.  It’s got that recording of a wildcat roar that’s been in ten thousand cartoons and television shows, and the anthemic synthesizer action drives me to nod my head in a rhythmic manner.  Tubular.


Song: Wildcat
Artist: Ratatat
Album: Classics
Label: XL
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

69: “Amazing Grace” by Victor Wooten

There's no itch he can't scratch.It should be required listening to hear Victor Wooten perform this song.

For those who haven’t or who’d like to re-live it, here’s Victor Wooten covering a song co-written by Jesus and George Washington called “Amazing Grace.”


Song: Amazing Grace
Artist: Victor Wooten
Album: Live Art (Bela Fleck & The Flecktones)
Label: Warner Bros.
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68: “His Majesty King Raam” by Lemon Jelly

Wait, I think these guys sell mutual funds or something.A comment from the YouTube video:

I play it everyday in my elevator

You should play it in your elevator, too.  It’s called “His Majesty King Raam” because Lemon Jelly is weird… which is all right with me and King Raam.

Song: His Majesty King Raam
Artist: Lemon Jelly
Album: Lemonjelly.ky
Label: XI Recordings
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67: “I’m Her Daddy” by Bill Withers

Not the guy who dies in an episode of Star Trek.I first heard this song on a compilation by Tommy Guerrero called Another Late Night.

From Bill Withers‘ 1971 release, Just As I Am, “I’m Her Daddy” is a dark tune sung by a father questioning his lost love about the 6-year-old daughter he didn’t know he had.  Everyone knows what THAT feels like.  Awkward as a full-on shart. But he’s willing to sing through it.

6 years, Lucy, Lord have mercy, that’s a long time.


Song: I’m Her Daddy
Artist: Bill Withers
Album: Just As I Am
Label: Columbia/Legacy
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66: “Blue Green Olga” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

He's always this way. They carry him in a crate like a boxing kangaroo.This is the best of all songs dedicated to a blue green person.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is as good as they are noisy.


Song: Blue Green Olga
Artist: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Album: ACME
Label: Matador
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