71: “Dirty Dog” by Bobby Rush


How can you not trust this face?I don’t care who you are, this is good music.  It comes from a real place and it’s got soul.

Bobby Rush is worth a listen.  I saw him live at The New Daisy Theater in Memphis way back in 1999 (?), and for an intro, the band and an emcee came out and started a groove, and the emcee got the crowd chanting “Bobby RUSHHHH… Bobby RUSHHHH…” all leading up to his coming out to shed a velvety cape, James Brown-style, and whoop the crowd into a frenzy.  He loves to tell stories before during and after songs, about the trials and travails of love and its juicy transgressions.  He puts on quite a show.  This is a good example of the kind of song that makes me love Bobby Rush.  He’s putting out some more serious albums lately, but I lean toward the Undercover Lover-type tunes.


Song: Dirty Dog
Artist: Bobby Rush
Album: Undercover Lover
Label: Deep Rush Records
Buy from: Amazon (CD Only)

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