102: “Periodically Double or Triple” by Yo La Tengo


"Speeding Motorcycle" changed my life.Funky Friday doesn’t have to be a funk song, I don’t guess.

Here’s a juicy video.

Yo La Tengo is all over the place, and shape-shifty.  There’s no formula.  No equations.  Just some crazy personalities flowing.  They’re in Europe now, but back touring the US in December.

Here’s a video from their 2009 album, Popular Songs.

Sink your teeth in, and enjoy.

Song: Periodically Double or Triple
Artist: Yo La Tengo
Album: Popular Songs
Label: Matador Records Limited
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

101: “Slippin’ Into Darkness” by The Ramsey Lewis Trio

Glasses + Turtleneck = Kick Your Ass With StyleHere’s one of the best covers out there of WAR’s classic “Slippin’ Into Darkness” by jazz piano/keyboard great Ramsey Lewis and his trio.

This hard-working brother, born in 1935, has recorded over 80 albums throughout his career.  At that pace, he’s probably recorded two more since breakfast yesterday.

Ramsey’s first album dropped in 1956, and last year he put out a new one, Ramsey does Ramsey.  This tune is from Upendo Ni Pamona (1972). If you don’t know it, I’m glad I could share.


Song: Slippin’ Into Darkness
Artist: The Ramsey Lewis Trio
Album: Upendo Ni Pamona
Label: Collectables
Buy from: Amazon (CD Only)

100: “Astro Blue” by Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls

The actual musicians.100th song.  Throw some streamers and drink a cold one.

Here’s another post with the touch of Money Mark on it.  He teamed up with Tommy Guerrero and Shawn Lee to form Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls.

This is my favorite from their self-titled debut from 2009.

Rock out with your socks out, and enjoy.

[UPDATE: Originally posted “A Phase Shifter I’m Going Through,” but copyright people removed the audio from the YouTube video.]

Song: Astro Blue
Artist: Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls
Album: Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls
Label: Ubiquity Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

99: “Getcho Soul Together” by Breakestra

Mama mia, mama mia, mama mia, let me go.Words of wisdom from one of the best “funk orchestras” around, Breakestra.

I got this from a compilation entitled Peanut Butter Wolf’s Jukebox 45’s (2002).  The video is great!

You need to get down.  Enjoy.

Song: Getcho Soul Together
Artist: Breakestra
Album: Peanut Butter Wolf’s Jukebox 45’s
Label: Stones Throw Records
Buy from: Amazon

98: “Vapor” by Soulive

Funky as our hair. And the white guy is good, too.Aw yeah, this is some smooth stuff here.  Vintage Soulive from their classic 2006 album, Break Out.

Because this song produces animated eyebrow activity on my face, I’m pasting below a related quote from Frank Zappa:

The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.
-Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

Prepare your face for this song, and enjoy.

Song: Vapor
Artist: Soulive
Album: Break Out
Label: Concord Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

97: “Shishko’s Blues” by Slavic Soul Party!

The Slavic Invasion is about to happen to music.  Just watch.  Closely.The Brooklyn-based band Slavic Soul Party! sounds something to my ears like a cross between New Orleans brass band and klezmer, with some Latin juicy-juice thrown in.  And sometimes I hear something Balkany-sounding, too.  “BalkanSoulGypseFunk” is what they call it.  They’re actually touring the US right now!!

Just listen.

And enjoy.

Song: Shishko’s Blues
Artist: Slavic Soul Party!
Album: Teknochek Collision
Label: Barbés Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

96: “The Clandestine Adventures of Mrs. Merz” by Tin Hat (formerly The Tin Hat Trio)

Homo sapiens create new sounds.Here’s a band that’s growing on me.  This song is a good example of how Tin Hat can meander all around a song before pulling it all together at the end.  It’s from Book of Silk (2004).

They’ve had a couple of greats play with them who are worthy of making a noise to yourself like ‘hm!’…  Both Willie Nelson and Tom Waits have been featured guests of the band.  Not bad to have those two in your fan base, Tin Hat!

It’s a beautiful new type of sound I have not heard the likes of before.  It’s got unconventional beauty.

The video that goes with it is totally unrelated, done by the fan who uploaded the video.

Now, tilt your head to one side, either side will do, and enjoy.

Song: The Clandestine Adventures of Mrs. Merz
Artist: Tin Hat
Album: Book of Silk
Label: Artemis Records
Buy from: Amazon