83: “In A Silent Way” by Miles Davis

Dude. Don't look at me like that.Here’s a good one to listen to in the bathtub.  Try it.  Then write a lengthy description in the comments.

Miles Davis was an intense guy, but this song is as laid back as you’ll hear him, from In A Silent Way (1969).

I’m a huge fan of his work in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Wikipedia describes the recording process for the album Bitches Brew (1970):

Once in the recording studio, the players were typically given only a few instructions: a tempo count, a few chords or a hint of melody, and suggestions as to mood or tone. Davis liked to work this way; he thought it forced musicians to pay close attention to one another, to their own performances, or to Davis’s cues, which could change at any moment. On the quieter moments of “Bitches Brew”, for example, Davis’s voice is audible, giving instructions to the musicians: snapping his fingers to indicate tempo, or, in his distinctive whisper, saying, “Keep it tight” or telling individuals when to solo.

In 3 parts, enjoy.

Song: In A Silent Way
Artist: Miles Davis
Album: In A Silent Way
Label: Columbia/Legacy
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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