89: “All Night Long” by Junior Kimbrough


My curtains got more soul than yo music.Authentic hill country blues.

It ain’t Stevie Ray and it ain’t BB King.  It’s more rhythmic and it’s way more danceable.

It’s juke joint music.  Check out Junior Kimbrough, the king of juke joint blues, in his element (folks do seem inhibited by the cameras), performing one of his masterpieces, “All Night Long,” from the documentary Deep Blues.  Kimbrough put out his first album of the same name in 1995 on the Fat Possum label after decades of playing blues and making babies, which Junior was also good at.

Sip/shoot some moonshine if you got it, and enjoy.

Song: All Night Long
Artist: Junior Kimbrough
Album: Junior Kimbrough
Label: Fat Possum
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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