90: “In Time” by Sly & The Family Stone

This dude has magic pants.If you haven’t heard this in the past week, listen to it now.  Bonus track below it.

Sly & The Family Stone were a short-lived phenomenon, but they packed in the tunes while they were together.

Did you know Sly invented or at least popularized the term “Different strokes for different folks” in the song “Everyday People”?  Without this phrase, Willis and Arnold Drummond might never have had their break…

Here’s “In Time” from Fresh (1973).  Enjoy.

Song: In Time
Artist: Sly & The Family Stone
Album: Fresh
Label: Epic/Fantasy
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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One Response to 90: “In Time” by Sly & The Family Stone

  1. Jeff Kaliss says:

    “In Time” gets special mention from one of Sly’s cousin, who’s worked with recently, in the second edition of my biography: I Want to Take You Higher: The Life and Times of Sly & the Family Stone (Backbeat Books, 2009). Sly’s still making music, and the documentary about him, by Willem Alkema, gets its SF premiere today and Oct. 28.

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