93: “Ikigai” by Scoobie Do

This is the line for enemas.So, this song, from Japanese pop band Scoobie Do, “Ikigai,” sort of sounds like the theme song from Friends.  But it’s in Japanese, which gives it a certain tantalizing taste of the unknown.  If I understood what he was saying, I’d probably hate this song.  But as it is, I’ll listen to it a few times and nod my head like it was 1998.

As a service to the reader/listener, I have powered through my lack of understanding of Japanese, and have translated with 100% accuracy the lyrics of this song.  Find them below.

The of unto,
she has derived the fear
of the smell of rotting fruit
into love, love love.

Perhaps and although why not,
summoned of wanton pork
the days pass by like a breeze on the gland
of love, love love.

Short-shrift terminals
hello the fortunes and communal well-being
of babyless grandmothers with robotic
love, love, love.

Robot love, love, love.

If that ain’t Japanese, I don’t know what Japanese is.  I love you, Japaneses.  Bonus track below.  Enjoy.

Song: Ikigai
Artist: Scoobie Do
Album: Nando Mo Koi Wo Suru
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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