94: “Pedal Up” by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

He even tried to train an overgrown mole to handle an extra horn, but couldn't get it down.Here he is, the maestro himself.  Doing what he do.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk shows in this video the kind of crazy talent and multi-instrument ingenuity that makes him the inspiration of the greats.

Rahsaan could have circular breathed Kenny G, former world record holder, into the ground.  And I mean, when you can best Kenny G in anything related to circular breathing or haircare, then you’re hardcore.

Suck in a full, deep breath, and enjoy.

[Embedding is disabled on the video, so click to watch… and jump to 1:15 if you wanna skip Quincy Jones’ long-winded intro]

Song: Pedal Up
Artist: Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Album: Brotherman In The Fatherland
Label: Hyena Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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