103: “Jet Airliner” by Paul Pena

Paul Pena followed his heart, and not that green line leading toward his retirement fortune.Paul Pena (1950-2005) wrote this Steve Miller Band classic.  He was a character.

Pena backed Bonnie Raitt on bass and vocals on her debut album early in his career.  His second album, New Train (2000) contained HIS version of “Jet Airliner,” but came out 27 years after it was recorded because he didn’t record it with his contractual label at the time.  Ouch.  Steve Miller was doing him a favor getting him some royalties.

In the 27 years before his second album was produced, Pena took some detours in life, including caring for an ailing wife who died in 1991, and taking up some Tuvan throat singing.  Sounds like a guy who followed his heart wherever it led, eh?

Not making it up.  Here’s a Wikipedia excerpt:

Tuvans affectionately call him “Cher Shimjer” (Earthquake), because of the deepness of his voice. Pena said “My voice is lower than most Tuvans. They have a style that makes your voice lower. When I use that, there’s a slow song when I hit a note that’s four white keys from the left of the piano.”

This ain’t that.  Just hit play, and enjoy.

Song: Jet Airliner
Artist: Paul Pena
Album: New Train
Label: Hybrid Recordings
Buy from: Amazon (CD Only)

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