104: “The Streetbeater” (Sanford and Son Theme) by Quincy Jones

I'm coming Martha!!

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Who doesn’t love this tune?

You gotta appreciate the little things.

I count a few television show’s theme songs as true blessings to us all:

Sanford and Son.
The Jeffersons.
Diff’rent Strokes.
The Facts of Life.

And those are just a few of the funky ones.  It’s an art that’s lost in most of today’s television.  Not enough time for all that hooey nowadays!

Well, I’m here to steal 3 minutes of your time, that quite possibly might have sucked otherwise, and give you a listen to “The Streetbeater” from Quincy Jones (You’ve Got It Bad, Girl 1973), better known to you and me as the theme song for Sanford and Son.

Turn off the tv, and enjoy.

Song: The Streetbeater
Artist: Quincy Jones
Album: You’ve Got It Bad, Girl
Label: A&M Jazz
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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