105: “My Philosophy” by Boogie Down Productions

Bradley learned it all from KRS-One.I have a lot of middle-aged honkey friends who would probably prefer not to listen to this song.  Those guys are so whack.  Right, G?

KRS-One, the driving force behind Boogie Down Productions, is one of those thoughtful rappers who doesn’t fit the mold of what most people think when they think “rapper.”  He was one of the first rappers to spit more than just rhyme and cheese.  He has a message and he’s always tried to educate people.  KRS-One even preaches vegetarianism.  Talk about un-rapper-like.  Here’s “My Philosophy” from the ominously titled By All Means Necessary (1988).

Classic line:

I’m not white or red or black, I’m BROWN.

Some people share their ideals via bumper sticker.

Here’s another way.  Enjoy.

Song: My Philosophy
Artist: Boogie Down Productions
Album: By All Means Necessary
Label: Jive
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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