118: “Cardova” by The Meters


We're even funkier than our suits.For the Thanksgiving week, I’ll be feeding you tunes by perhaps the greatest “funk” band ever (although that term is too narrow).  It’s The (Funky) Meters from New Orleans.

I’m waiting on pins and needles to get this disc.  Here’s a tune, “Cardova,” from sometime in the early 70’s.  I’ll learn more when I can read the liner notes.

It just doesn’t get any funkier than this song.  More to come.

I’m thankful for a whole lot, including The Meters.

Thank-you, too.


Song: Cardova
Artist: The Meters
Album: The Meters (Discography)
Label: Sundazed
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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2 Responses to 118: “Cardova” by The Meters

  1. benito says:

    Just: wow.

    Report back to let us know if the rest of the album comes close to this one.

    • Uncle Funk says:

      I must admit, I canceled the disc order and downloaded the mp3’s last night. There are quite a few on there that I had never heard, and it’s all pre-vocals-era Meters instrumental funk that makes you wanna get down and crawl.

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