121: “No Christmas For Me” by Zee Avi

Hi, Zee. Me... Jay.It’s beginning to feel a lot like roasting white chestnuts in a sleigh.  It’s also the third night of Hanukkah tonight.  And some people are probably celebrating some other stuff, perhaps lighting things with ritual fire or eating poisonous ants for their psychedelic pincer juice.  Happy all that.

Zee Avi has a voice as sweet as sunshine and pure as the driven snow.  And this song of hers has become a holiday classic in my household since Brushfire Records’ holiday album came out two years ago.  “No Christmas For Me” is going to be worth a listen a few times a year from here on out, I reckon.

Last year my sister pointed out non-excellent individuals posting hateful comments about Zee’s religion on the video on YouTube because Zee is Malay and (perhaps?) Muslim.  Sometimes when I read comment threads on the Internet, my soul throws up.  Soul puke.

Sorry to bum you out, but if you feel bummed, listen to the song again! Or go find more Zee Avi to listen to!  Enjoy!

(UPDATE: I just bought SoulPuke.com. Can you believe no one had that domain? Awesome. Now, what do I do with it?)

Song: No Christmas For Me
Artist: Zee Avi
Album: This Warm December: Brushfire Holiday’s Vol 1
Label: Brushfire Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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