133: “Buddy” by De La Soul

All rap albums should look like this.I believe “Buddy” is a reference to the posterior of the female form.

De La Soul.  We were lucky when they were with us, and we didn’t know how good we had it.  This album dropped in 1989.  Keep that in mind.

An added bonus video after the absurd “Buddy” is the insane “I Can Do Anything.”  I had hopes that more hip-hop and rap groups would follow in the footsteps of the psychedelically inclined De La Soul, but very very few have.  Big shoes to fill, indeed.

I can do anything.  I can hold two pieces of doo doo in my hand.


Song: Buddy
Artist: De La Soul
Album: 3 Feet High And Rising
Label: Tommy Boy
Buy from: Amazon

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