140: “Filipino Box Spring Hog” by Tom Waits


Tom Waits can hear your heart beat beat beat.A few Tom Waits quotes to go along with “Filipino Box Spring Hog” from Mule Variations (1999):

“There ain’t no devil, only God when he’s drunk.”
— Tom Waits

“Q: What’s hard for you?

A: Mostly I straddle reality and the imagination. My reality needs imagination like a bulb needs a socket. My imagination needs reality like a blind man needs a cane. Math is hard. Reading a map. Following orders. Carpentry. Electronics. Plumbing. Remembering things correctly. Straight lines. Sheet rock. Finding a safety pin. Patience with others. Ordering in Chinese. Stereo instructions in German.

— Tom Waits

“I’ve been riding on the crest of a slump lately.”
— Tom Waits

“I’ve always been a word guy, I like weird words and I like American slang and all that and words that are no longer being used… I like to drag them out of the box and wave them around… this is an interesting one, it’s amazing how in addition to punctuation just a little pause in the wrong place can just completely transform the meaning of something.”
— Tom Waits


Song: Filipino Box Spring Hog
Artist: Tom Waits
Album: Mule Variations
Label: Anti/Epitaph
Buy from: Tom Waits

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