144: “False Jesii Part 2” by Pissed Jeans


Pissed Jeans. Clever as the wind.One of the greatest videos I’ve seen in a while.  This song is a departure for the site.  I doubt I would listen to this music without watching the video.  It is funny, but it requires a certain type of energy, a certain frequency at which I rarely vibrate.  And no, this is not funk music.  It’s funky like a rotting banana, but in a good way(?).

It’s another Subpop artist, Pissed Jeans.  They’re punk, but they have a Wikipedia entry, so they’re not THAT punk.  By the way, Subpop doesn’t pay me, despite this being the third post of a Subpop artist lately.  Everything on this site is a labor of love, at least until someone offers to pay me, then I might just whore the site out.  But for now it’s totally pure.  Pure as the driven snow.

So put on your most blasé face and enjoy.

Song: False Jesii Part 2
Artist: Pissed Jeans
Album: King of Jeans
Label: Subpop
Buy from: Subpop

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