145: “Aunt Hagar’s Blues” by Art Tatum

What happened to the donuts? Art Tatum!Art Tatum (1909-1956), mostly blind, was perhaps one of the fastest and most agile piano players ever.  He was definitely one of the most ground-breaking, shaking up stride piano in ways that fertilized music forevermore.  Tatum has been criticized as being overly ornate, but when you watch footage of him playing complicated sections of music, it seems impossible that his fingers are moving enough to make the sounds you’re hearing.  It’s like he’s not even trying!  And if you can DO that, I’d say you’re almost obliged to sound ornate.

This track, “Aunt Hagar’s Blues” shows more of his personality than his speed, and his affinity for playing with harmonies.

I threw another video below, too, so you could see his hands in action.


Song: Aunt Hagar’s Blues
Artist: Art Tatum
Album: The Complete Capitol Recordings of Art Tatum
Label: Blue Note
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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