147: “End Of The Road” by Umphrey’s McGee

Umphrey's targeting the African American base with this logo.I sure enjoy me a good dose of jamband now and then.  It can get old quick, though, just as wearing the same awesome shirt for a few days in a row can hamper the shirt’s awesomeness.

But this song is not your quintessential jamband song, and it’s not your quintessential jamband either.  Umphrey’s McGee is the band that would happen if Elvis Costello and Phish did the nasty… reproductively.  That’s a weak description but it’s got strong potential imagery.  I’ll extrapolate: Elvis Costello and Phish would do the nasty on stage in a very loud and grody fashion, with several heavily lubricated instruments, and there’d be a wicked light show going on all around them, culminating in a blinding light focusing on the instantly gestated and emerging baby (Umphrey’s McGee) who would come out of Elvis Costello’s “mouth” and bounce across the audience (yeah, there’s an audience!) in a giant, clear, slime-coated beach ball (with breathing holes).  And then everyone would eat kind veggie burritos in the parking lot.

Anyway… this here is a chill jam, recorded live in 2008 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, called “End of the Road.”  It’s for all you tweekers out there who need to calm your selves down.  Enjoy.

Song: End of the Road
Artist: Umphrey’s McGee
Album: Safety in Numbers
Label: SCI Fidelity Recordings
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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