152: “My Foolish Heart” and “Peace Piece” by Bill Evans

You talkin' to me?Here’s Bill Evans, the pianist who played with Miles on Kind of Blue, and co-wrote “Blue in Green.”  He did a lot early on in life.

Presented are two heartstring-tuggers: “My Foolish Heart” with backup as a trio and “Peace Piece” solo, from Everybody Digs Bill Evans.

Bill Evans influenced jazz as much as just about anyone, and he died at 51 from drug addiction.

There is a fuzzy gray line between genius and stupid frickin’ idiot.

Enjoy some of the more genius parts of Bill Evans’ life below.

Song: My Foolish Heart
Artist: Bill Evans
Album: At The Village Vanguard
Label: Concord Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

Song: Peace Piece
Artist: Bill Evans
Album: Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Label: Hallmark Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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