153: “Ogre Battle” by Queen

Does this lighting make my overbite look bad?Tie this black leather feedbag on your face and munch on the hearty oats of some classic Queen.

When I was about 12, I had a hand-me-down cassette tape of Queen II from a friend’s older brother (thanks, Jimmy!).  All legible writing had long been worn off before I got my hands on it, and the original case had never been seen by my eyes.  It was fantasy rock with no equal that I knew of, and I ate it up.  I would listen to tunes like “Ogre Battle” on my headphones, lying in bed before falling asleep.  And I would often wake up twisted in the headphone cord when the tape would run out and the jambox deck would stop with a loud click.

The other rocking great from Queen II was “Seven Seas of Rhye,” second video below.

So, who would have won in a fight: Freddie Mercury or Axl Rose (both in their prime)?  I like to think Freddie would have wiped Axl’s ass with Axl’s own face, and then he would have twirled around with a gay, hard-rock flourish to finish Queen strong.


Song: Ogre Battle
Artist: Queen
Album: Queen II
Label: Hollywood Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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