163: “Just Kiddin'” and “Vision of Kali (Extended)” by Club D’elf

Yes, this is my bass.  Now let's play.Don’t shart, but I have a good song for you.  In fact, there are two.  Pick the one you like better, and that’s the one I mean…

It’s rare that hearing a song would create instant incontinence, but the metaphor is nearly powerful enough to convey my conviction.

You won’t ever get tired of this song.  Play it for your parents, your business associates, your children’s friends, and while you brush your teeth.

Club D’elf is responsible for the tune, from the album Now I Understand (2006).  Club D’elf is composed of too many revolving featured artists to list, but it’s led through the musical wilderness by bassist Mike Rivard.

Mike Rivard has actually had several documented cases of crapping his own pants because he plays so well at times.*  Ask him about it if you see him.  And get close to his face when you ask him about when he craps his pants because he’s so awesome.

I’ll stop typing.  Enjoy.

*Don’t look at me.  I got nothing.

Songs: Just Kiddin’, Vision of Kali (Extended)
Artist: Club D’elf
Album: Now I Understand
Label: Accurate Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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