168: “Oryssa” by Renaud Garcia-Fons

In every great picture, they're looking that direction.The French bassist, Renaud Garcia-Fons, incorporates middle eastern themes and instruments like the tabla (drums) into his music, as on this haunting track, “Oryssa,” which starts slow and builds to quite a climax.

And someone thoughtfully put the track to a very nice ocean scene.  YouTube is amazing, is it not?  I saw some incredible footage of the Japan earthquakes just hours after it happened, via YouTube.  I hope this interconnectedness can bring about more understanding between people… but then I remember the comment threads.  We’re pretty much screwed if comment threads on the Internet have any significant correlation to the navigation of the great human experiment.

Check out Garcia-Fons if you’re feeling musically adventuresome today, and willing to stick your head out long enough to enjoy.

Song: Oryssa
Artist: Renaud Garcia-Fons
Album: Oriental Bass
Label: ENJA RECORDS Matthias Winckelmann
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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