171: “This Girl” by Cooking On 3 Burners

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.Who do you know that would say this song is bad?  Listen to “This Girl” and consider the question.  Anyone you know who would dislike this song…  maybe the person is having a bad existence… don’t break out your zombie kill weaponry, despite all indications it is likely for the best. This is a lesson in compassion.

Cooking on 3 Burners is a modern-day Australian outfit.  “This Girl” could have come right out of the 60’s, but it’s heartfelt and not a cheesy homage.  It’s true soul music, and it makes me shake my moneymaker.  They also do a great instrumental cover of “Cars” by Gary Numan.

Enjoy it.

Song: This Girl
Artist: Cooking On 3 Burners
Album: Sunday in Bed, Vol 3 (Various Artists)
Label: Clubstar
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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