176: “Rien Ne Vu Plus” by Funk Factory

Polish funk squares.More and more people are posting music on YouTube that it’d be nearly impossible to find anywhere else, even on the Internet, and even if you were willing to pay money. Living in the future is pretty cool.

Old vinyl is going up in droves.  And although the sound quality often sucks, it nearly just as often doesn’t. Here’s one from a long defunkt band, Funk Factory, that lives on through YouTube and blog posts like this one. “The Factory,” as insiders called the band, was mostly American musicians led by Polish music legends Michal Urbaniak and Urszula Dudziak, whom we all know affectionately as Michal Urbaniak and Urszula Dudziak.

“Rien Ne Vu Plus” is French for “all bets are off” or “why serve spaghetti to a pig?” depending on inflection. This song is as crazy as that.  Enjoy.

[[ EDITOR’S NOTE: What I try to provide in this illustrious blog operation is some reasonable spigot of musical flow, governed by a human taste filter (loose use of “taste,” I know). The Internet is an ocean of musical flow that cannot be absorbed by your face all at once. You need a spigot, not an ocean going into your ear holes. And your takeaway from this paragraph is that I am a friend, with an outstretched metaphor, trying to work a musical spigot into you. Because I love you. ]]

Song: Rien Ne Vu Plus
Artist: Funk Factory
Label:  ATCO Records
Download: FleaMarketFunk.com
Watch: YouTube

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