179: “Brooklyn” by The Youngblood Brass Band

Get sideways, people. You're too straight.Youngblood Brass Band was founded by a couple of Oregon high school students.  Drums and tuba (sousaphone).

They’re as New Orleans as a Hurricane™ but they’re as hip hop as a really good breakdancing white dude.

On the song “Brooklyn,” listen to the soul of the band, sousaphonist Nat McIntosh, make all sorts of crazy percussive sounds with his sousaphone and even scream through it in the middle of his solo. (The sousaphone is different from the tuba in an obfuscated, metaphysical sense.) The performance was taped during McIntosh’s last tour with the band, which is continuing to perform without him.

If you’re looking for something with a little more of that New Orleans flare, check out another butt-motion-bringer off the same album, Live. Places. (2005), “Tough Daddy.”

Scream through your tuba, and enjoy.

Song: Brooklyn
Artist: Youngblood Brass Band
Album: Live. Places.
Label: Layered Music
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube

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