181: “Movement Music” by DJ Revolution Presents Malcom & Martin

Some white hip-hop guys could easily be confused with skinheads. Ironic?Yeah, these guys had to bring it, naming themselves “Malcolm & Martin” and then trying to bring some enlightenment to a dark world…

I’ve been recursively bobbing my head to this album, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me (February 2011), by Malcolm & Martin.  I got muscles now like I have burritos taped onto my neck.

This trio created a catchy, well-produced album that’s got a message every once in a while without getting preachy or dorky (at least according to this dork).  The track below, “Movement Music,” has a wicked hook and lyrics with swagger.  The emcees are Styliztik Jones and KB iMean.  DJ Revolution lays the backdrop for these two to shine.  Here’s a bio from their website.

Other standouts from the album are “Sista Big Butt (feat. Mike Anthony)” and “Thank God.”

Stop reading and getcha some.  Enjoy.

Song: Movement Music
Artist: DJ Revolution Presents Malcolm & Martin
Album: Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
Label: Soulspazm Records, Inc.
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube

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