182: “Circuitous Circuits” by Evan Weiss

E-Dawg in the hizzie!!Evan Weiss is a young new composer and trumpeter, raised in the Pacific Northwest and now living in North Texas. His debut release, Math or Magic, came out just a few weeks ago.  I’ll call it “jazz chamber music.” It’s a large ensemble performing highly original compositions with Evan in front on the horn.

Evan Weiss on his philosophy of music: “The most powerful compositions stretch far beyond the abilities of the individual player. It is not the composer’s job to create the music, but rather to enable the members of his ensemble to perform. This distinction is especially prevalent in jazz because the composer of a given piece is often also a performer and an improviser. In improvised music, the writer must relinquish control to his fellow players for a piece to reach its full potential. That element of risk is the primary reason that I am a musician.”
Inner Circle Music

And that element of risk is also the same reason why some people create multi-billion dollar businesses. Why some people jump out of airplanes. And why some people poop where they’re not supposed to. Go figure.

Enjoy my favorite track, “Circuitous Circuits” from Evan Weiss’ Math or Magic (March 2011).

Song: Circuitous Circuits
Artist: Evan Weiss
Album: Math or Magic
Label: Evan Weiss
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube

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