174: “Mambo Mongo” by Mongo Santamaría

Icelandic death opera smile.Mongo Santamaría (composer of the song “Afro Blue”) actually wrote “Mambo Mango,” not the Afro-Cuban All Stars, as the YouTube video is labeled.  And the version for download below is not the same as the YouTube version either.  The YouTube version below is much better and I can’t seem to find the album it’s on.

Afro-Cuban All Stars undoubtedly spent thousands of tireless hours contemplating what they would name the band.  Their music is not what you would expect from a band dedicated to the artform of Icelandic death opera.  But they’re not very good at it, anyway.  They sound more like a really great Afro-Cuban band.

Click and enjoy.

Song: Mambo Mongo
Artist: Mongo Santamaría
Album: Mambo Mango
Label: Chesky Records, Inc.
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube