194: “Here’s That Rainy Day” by Freddie Hubbard

This thing looks weird. I wonder what it does.I guess it was a curse and a blessing to be a trumpet player when Miles Davis was also blowing on one.  But probably more of a blessing.

Freddie Hubbard trumpeted… and flugel horned.  He played on some incredibly influential albums, like Oliver Nelson‘s The Blues and the Abstract Truth and Herbie Hancock‘s Maiden Voyage.

“Here’s That Rainy Day” is a track I’ve been enjoying in the car ride home lately, as a mental salve for my burning brain. Life can be a bit much. Sometimes you need some music to soothe. This is one of those.

Freddie plays the flugel horn on this track, with George Benson on guitar, Ron Carter on bass, and a strong heartbeat on percussion, from Straight Life (1970).

Breathe deeply, and enjoy.

Song: Here’s That Rainy Day
Artist: Freddie Hubbard
Album: Straight Life
Label: Epic/Associated/Legacy
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193: “Sweet Smoke” by Mr. Scruff

Tastes like it smells.It’s Friday. Time for a party in your pants.

Dance Instructions:
Test your perception of reality against reality.
Wait, that’s for everything else in life.  On the dance floor, you needn’t analyze.
Just gather your family around you. Lift your knees. Wobble your legs. And make it move.
For life is but a dream.

Mr. Scruff is another one of these Ninja Tune cats who insist on approaching music with the stealth of a Navy Seal, and performing some unilateral maneuvers on its ass.

This song is only available on vinyl, which is the perfect medium for analog jams, and grandma couch covers.

Mr. Scruff is a British mammal, with a lot of cartoon videos on YouTube that my 9-year-old son tends to enjoy. Mr. Scruff draws them himself!

Getcha some, and enjoy.  Happy Friday.

Song: Sweet Smoke
Artist: Mr. Scruff
Album: Sweet Smoke
Label: Ninja Tune
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192: “Flax” by Fredrik

Hands like the Swedish Chef's.With the help of NPR, I’ve come upon the Swedish band, Fredrik. This beautiful song is called “Flax,” from their album Trilogi (2010).

Sweet, supple, and sideways.

And like extra-terrestrials, this Swedish band sings in English. No umlauts necessary.


Song: Flax
Artist: Fredrik
Album: Trilogi
Label: The Kora Records
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Watch: YouTube

191: “Sincerely Yours, The D.A.C” by Dirty Art Club

Straight Up North Carolina Flabbergasters.Dirty Art can be sublime if you squint at it.  Dirty Art Club is a duo from North Carolina, comprised of two producers, Matt Cagle and Madwreck.  Their debut album, Heavy Starch (2011), is along the lines of a DJ Shadow 45 mixtape.  Not easily described, but easily listened to.

Here’s a haiku tweet from the D.A.C, @DirtyArtClub:

Watch the old lady,
As it swallows the jello,
Ever so gently.

Strong stuff. What are you doing with YOUR existence, fair reader?

Give the D.A.C a quick swallow, and enjoy.

Song: Sincerely Yours, The D.A.C
Artist: Dirty Art Club
Album: Heavy Starch
Label: Soulspazm / Elementality
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190: “Nonstop Disco Powerpack” by The Beastie Boys

I get paid for this shit.Talk about a time machine timewarp. To celebrate the release of their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (May 2011), the Beastie Boys threw free tracks of the entire album onto YouTube, and get this… the tracks are recorded off a damn jambox sitting on the Knicks’ floor in Madison Square Garden.  It sounds terrible, like warm ass.  It’s poetry.

I hope you’ve appreciated what has gone down here this month… it’s fruition of the future.  You don’t need flac files and gold speaker wires to taste these jams.  A jambox (and/or a broadband Internet connection) is all the technology you need.  And if you want a distilled taste of Beastie Boys relevance listen to Ad-Rock find his flow at 1:05.  Dude was born in 1966.  But he’s only as old as his last idea.

And yes, there’s a 30-minute video revisit of “Fight for your Right” with Will Ferrell, Jack Black and Jim Henson’s muppets.  Here it is.

So strap on your hightops, tighten up your fade, let your suspenders hang, and enjoy a radical ride, dude.

Song:  Nonstop Disco Powerpack
Artist: Beastie Boys
Album: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
Label: Capitol Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes | Beastie Boys
Watch: YouTube

189: “Swamp Chomp” by The Diplomats Of Sound

Some people want my pimp juice, but they can't have it.From Let’s Cool One (2003), “Swamp Chomp” jiggles rear ends. If your rear end is just hanging around, you might want to brace for significant near-term rear end movement, should you be so precipitously bold as to push the play button below and open your ear holes.

The Diplomats of Sound are straight ahead. From the Mecca of musicalness… Iowa City.


Song: Swamp Chomp
Artist: The Diplomats of Sound
Album: Let’s Cool One
Label: Estrus Records
Buy from: Amazon
Watch: YouTube

188: “On Jupiter” by Sun Ra

Why is he wearing this? It's Wednesday.Sun Ra was a space and time traveler who was transported to Saturn around 1937 by aliens who communicated a special message to him about the chaos the world would soon find itself in. Luckily, Sun Ra was able to shine rays of order to pierce the chaos.  And now the world is all organized.

Sun Ra, formerly Sonny Blount, has an interesting life story (read Wikipedia). In addition to having a chronic testicular hernia to contend with throughout life, Sun Ra was one of the pioneers of “afrofuturism” which is a sane alternative to scientology. Sun Ra’s music was made of the stars, just like you and me.

Check out “On Jupiter” from the album of the same name, from 1978.

Remember, you’re spinning through the universe at thousands of miles per hour, and enjoy.

Song: On Jupiter
Artist: Sun Ra
Album: On Jupiter
Label: Art Yard
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Watch: YouTube

187: “Aurora En Pekin” by Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos

Marc Ribot - Sexy Rock Star PhotoMarc Ribot, American guitarist, along with his prosthetic Cubans, aims to tear your heart out.

If you’re drinking Red Bull, do not watch this. If you were raped in a Cuban prison, do not watch this. If you kill, and don’t chill, then don’t watch this. No good can come of it.

It’s a live video of the band in action, performing a tune from their 1998 self-titled debut, “Aurora en Pekin.”  Your mom likes it.


Song: Aurora En Pekin
Artist: Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
Album:  Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
Label: Atlantic / Wea
Buy from: Amazon
Watch: YouTube

186: “Summertime” by Albert Ayler

The lines themselves don't even stay inside the lines if you look close enough.Asking some people not to draw outside the lines is like asking some people not to put tabasco on their pancakes. The request is absurd from the wrong end of the question mark.

Albert Ayler blew his horn like he was riding a wild stallion. No lines. No fences. No ground. No sky. Just horn. Wild bucking horn.

Enjoy Gershwin’s classic “Summertime” Ayler style, from My Name Is Albert Ayler (1963).

Song: Summertime
Artist: Albert Ayler
Album: My Name Is Albert Ayler
Label: 1201 Music
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185: “Okie Dokie” by Dan Deacon

Spiderman of the LambsDan Deacon farts in your general direction. In fact, we all fart in each others’ general direction with regularity… unless you fart toward outer space.

Dan Deacon creates a colossal amount of energy during his live performances. He’s got the glasses. He’s got the technology. And by God, he’s got the kind of smoldering swerve-sack it takes to walk perpendicular to the flow of gravity. It’s contagious, despite its source.

Enjoy the soon-to-be-translated-to-the-Philharmonic “Okie Dokie” from Spiderman of the Rings (2007). Also try “Big Milk” for a different sound from the same release.

Song: Okie Dokie
Artist: Dan Deacon
Album: Spiderman of the Rings
Label: Carpark Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes | Carpark Records
Watch: YouTube