203: “Living The Blues” by Jamie Saft Trio

Respeck the beard.Jamie Saft Trio covers Bob Dylan on Trouble (2006).  Here’s a good one, “Living The Blues.”  And my heart bleeds when I listen to the instrumental version of “Disease of Conceit.”

Strong as a fart bubble in the bathtub.


Song: Living The Blues
Artist: Jamie Saft Trio
Album: Trouble
Label: Tzadik
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Watch: YouTube

202: “Long Way From Home” by Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy is Chicago Blues.Blues? I got your blues right here.

He was born in 1936, and even today, Buddy Guy is still making it look easy.

In the video below, filmed at a tribute concert for the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy gives us all a little lesson in it’s not what you do, but HOW you do it.


Song: Long Way From Home
Artist: Buddy Guy
Watch: YouTube

201: “Ice Cream” by Battles

Battles in a shiny box.It’s the time of year for ice cream and lawnmowers.  Sprinklers and sparklers.  Tan and movie lines.  Sweaty backs and stinky cracks.

Check out a great summertime song, “Ice Cream” by Battles.  Thanks to my buddy Norm in California for the suggestion.


Song: Ice Cream
Artist: Battles
Album: Gloss Drop
Label: Warp Records
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200: “Shady Blues” by Lee Mason & His Orchestra

I got the new dope.This song is dope, unlike dope, which isn’t dope at all, kids.  And remember, there’s no such thing as a talking junkie.

Lee Mason & His Orchestra perpetrated this song on the world back in 19 and 71.  Madlib sampled it later, after he was born.


Song: Shady Blues
Artist: Lee Mason & His Orchestra
Album: Shady Blues – 7″ Vinyl
Label: Jazzman
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199: “The Dump” by Soul Vibrations, Lettuce

"The Dump" was the nickname of the Soul Vibrations' drummer.I recently stumbled across the original version of a song covered by Lettuce on their 2002 album, Outta Here.  Lettuce is partially composed of members of the band Soulive, and the band was named for their early days when they had to beg for equipment and playing time… “let us use your drum kit,” or “let us play.” Hence, “Lettuce.”  The original version of “The Dump” (1973) is by a band called Soul Vibrations, and you can still get their version on re-released vinyl.

Wrap your hips around “The Dump” and shake it around.

Two versions below for your Friday enjoyment.  Getcha some.

Song: The Dump
Artist: Soul Vibrations
Label: Now-Again Records
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Song: The Dump
Artist: Lettuce
Album: Outta Here
Label: ESC Records
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198: “Dr. Follow’s Dance” by Gary Bartz

Full circle style would be cool again today.Gary Bartz doesn’t have a kick-ass name. But his alto sax is smooth as Bartz.

I found Gary Bartz on YouTube during my intensive and sweaty research for Uncle Funk Finds Songs For You.  I’ve bought a couple of his discs now, and this is one of my favorite tracks, from Juju Street Songs (1972).  He played with Miles Davis on his Live-Evil album, but I had never heard of him until he popped up on YouTube.

There’s a lot of hot Bartz out there, and I’m always excited to find someone I’ve never listened to before.

I hope you enjoy the Bartz out of this tune.

Song: Dr. Follow’s Dance
Artist: Gary Bartz
Album: Juju Street Songs
Label: Prestige Records
Buy from: Amazon
Watch: YouTube

197: “Sé Lest” by Sigur Rós

Soft focus this.Words words words, Sigur Rós, words words words.


Song: Sé Lest
Artist: Sigur Rós
Album: Takk…
Label: Geffen
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