196: “Black Sweat” by Prince

Cover that nasty nipple, Prince!You won’t be able to find a high-audio-quality version of this song on YouTube, but what it lacks in audio quality, the video below makes up for in style.

“Black Sweat” is from Prince‘s album 3121 (2006), and it’s worth every penny to buy the actual, plastic compact disc packaged in felled trees, because the bits and bytes version ain’t for sale. And the FBI warning against piracy on the front of my copy is as big as the title of the album. Prince don’t play with pirates. Unless perhaps you’re a playmate wearing an eyepatch.

If you got any soul at all, this song will make you scream like a white lady… like Prince himself.

3-2-1… Enjoy.

Song: Black Sweat
Artist: Prince
Album: 3121
Label: Umvd Labels
Buy from: Amazon
Watch: YouTube

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