217: “Dearest” by The Black Keys (Buddy Holly cover)

Buddy Holly and his Sweater.I went on and bought a few of the tracks from the album of Buddy Holly covers released this summer, called Rave On Buddy Holly, even though I really don’t get that excited about Buddy Holly. You see, I needed to buy the tracks to burn them to cd, because that is the shiny technology that my car stereo can translate into sounds. And my car is my daily concert. This is the best track on Rave On, the one by the Black Keys, called “Dearest.”

Notice that earlier I said I BOUGHT tracks. I am wondering how much longer I’ll be doing that. I have a Spotify account that I’m pretty happy with, and I can listen instantly to a majority of the stuff I would buy these days. It’s changing my music-buying habits. I’m spending less per month, but hearing more. I’m personally cherishing the revolution that’s happened in the availability of music with this Internet thing catching on.

In one year, the paragraph I just wrote will sound dated. In a hundred years, it will be anthropological.

Enjoy every second. You’re slippin’ into the future.

Song: Dearest
Artist: The Black Keys
Album: Rave On Buddy Holly
Label: Fantasy Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube

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