219: “Chocolate Town” by Ween

Best band photo ever?I try not to repeat too many artists on this site, but Ween is one band that I’m pretty certain I’ll love my whole life. They’re worth at least two posts. And while Ween could be written off as shallow, or gimicky, or immature, or homophobic, or anti-semitic, or fat-ist (biased against fat people?) for their absurd lyrics, Gene and Dean Ween are also talented, hilarious, and inspired. And I’m pretty sure they have nothing against fatties, homo’s, or jews. Those groups just happen to be ripe for humorous digs. Whatcha gonna do?

I’ll now put my foot in my mouth and let all my fat, gay, Jewish readers enjoy “Chocolate Town,” one of the more beautiful songs by Ween. The lyrics are absurd (but politically correct). Classic low-key Ween.


Song: Chocolate Town
Artist: Ween
Album: Quebec
Label: Chocodog Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube

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