231: “How Will I?” by Sandro Perri

If I draw a moustache on it is it still the same?Sandro Perri is a ninja of unusual. He began his musical career in 1999 as Polmo Polpo, which translates from Italian to something like “octopus lung,” and his compositions were electronic, and pretty much non-vocal. Then he moved on to re-creating Polmo Polpo songs as himself, Sandro Perri, with additional layers, including vocals. Unusual. No? (Eyebrow)

Now Perri is singing (very well) and performing new compositions with a full band, continuing to create an incredibly unique sound. “How Will I?” is a weird, beautiful progression, from Impossible Spaces (2011). Worth listening to all the way through.

And with this delicious handful of Sandro Perri extended before you, I simply ask that you enjoy.

Song: How Will I?
Artist: Sandro Perri
Album: Impossible Spaces
Label: Constellation
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230: “Sweet Thang” by Shuggie Otis

Nice smile, despite the snaggle.I spoke to an otherwise reasonable 25-year-old yesterday who had never heard of Shuggie Otis. And a few days ago, I was mocked for not having seen the Katy Perry video where she has cupcake boobs.

Perhaps I am hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Here’s a track we all should know, eye em oh. It’s “Sweet Thang” by Shuggie Otis, a talent from the 70’s whose success was much too short-lived. Shuggie wrote “Strawberry Letter 23,” which was a big hit for The Brothers Johnson.

This track is not jank at all. Enjoy.

Song: Sweet Thang
Artist: Shuggie Otis
Album:  Freedom Flight
Label: Epic/Legacy
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229: “Burnished” by White Denim

Full-on righteous band photo. Bro-fist.Holy everything burrito!! What a good band!

Go on and do what you’re gonna do, but check out if White Denim is playing a show near you, and consider the fleeting nature of your engagement here on this terrestrial orb.

Put your keys in the fishbowl and come on inside.

Just enjoy.

Song: Burnished
Artist: White Denim
Album: D
Label: Downtown Records
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228: “Misterioso” by Anthony Brown’s Asian American Orchestra, Steve Lacy

Brown rice.Anthony Brown has harnessed some rice power and fueled a Thelonious Monk cover machine into a frothy tempest on Monk’s Moods (2002). He calls his league of musical assassins, Anthony Brown’s Asian American Orchestra.

“Misterioso” is my favorite Monk tune, and these guys bring it with sauce (see links below).

MOG mistakenly attributes the Asian American Orchestra performance exclusively to Steve Lacy, soprano saxophonist, who is featured on Monk’s Moods, but who also put out his own cover of “Misterioso” in 1985. Steve’s solo version is available in the YouTube video below.


Song: Misterioso

Artist: Anthony Brown’s Asian American Orchestra
Album: Monk’s Moods
Label: Water Baby
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Artist: Steve Lacy
Album: Only Monk
Label: Soul Note
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227: “Lost and Found” by Rich Robinson

Blow me.Rich Robinson is out on his own for now. His other car is The Black Crowes.

This track, “Lost and Found,” showcases the straightforward, melody-driven style that graces so many Crowes tunes. But it’s a more mature, retrospective sound that Rich is making on his own.

His solo debut, Through A Crooked Sun, landed on October 11. Getcha some.


Song: Lost and Found
Artist: Rich Robinson
Album: Through A Crooked Sun
Label: Circle Music LLC
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226: “Border Crossing” by DJ Shadow

Yeah, this is my tough guy pose. Get this shit right here.The Less You Know, The Better dropped a couple of days ago like a sack of hammers.

DJ Shadow displays quite a range on the album. It hardly sounds like the abbreviation “DJ” should be on the front of it all.

Shadow rocks the house, Rage Against The Machine-style, on “Border Crossing.” There are a few other good tracks, but overall I don’t have the same aesthetics as Shadow, and I am left wanting. So it is.

But I’ll rock this one a time or twenty. Enjoy, yourself, if it suits.

Song: Border Crossing
Artist: DJ Shadow
Album: The Less You Know The Better
Label: Verve Forecast
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Watch: YouTube

225: “4:08” by Clutchy Hopkins

Have you seen this white guy with a beard?The Life of Clutchy Hopkins (2006) is a rich experience, as well as fully enumerated, each song named by its length. Every song title standing like a gravestone marking the run-time of its inhabitant. But it seems the life of Clutchy Hopkins was not fully captured in just these 12 songs, since Clutchy has shared a couple more releases since then.

Clutchy Hopkins is an “anonymous” artist (or a few), working under pseudonym, and I like the guys’ style, whoever they is. Here’s a page on clutchyhopkins.com dedicated to providing the most up to date theories on his identity. I’d say it’s clever marketing, but I don’t think Clutchy’s touching many charts, so it can’t be all that clever.

“4:08” is aptly named, if nothing else. (The YouTube video below has 1:30 of silence at the end.) Listen to it yourself for the rest, and enjoy.

Song: 4:08
Artist: Clutchy Hopkins
Album: The Life of Clutchy Hopkins
Label: Misled Children
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Watch: YouTube