231: “How Will I?” by Sandro Perri

If I draw a moustache on it is it still the same?Sandro Perri is a ninja of unusual. He began his musical career in 1999 as Polmo Polpo, which translates from Italian to something like “octopus lung,” and his compositions were electronic, and pretty much non-vocal. Then he moved on to re-creating Polmo Polpo songs as himself, Sandro Perri, with additional layers, including vocals. Unusual. No? (Eyebrow)

Now Perri is singing (very well) and performing new compositions with a full band, continuing to create an incredibly unique sound. “How Will I?” is a weird, beautiful progression, from Impossible Spaces (2011). Worth listening to all the way through.

And with this delicious handful of Sandro Perri extended before you, I simply ask that you enjoy.

Song: How Will I?
Artist: Sandro Perri
Album: Impossible Spaces
Label: Constellation
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG


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