237: “Tell Me a Tale” by Michael Kiwanuka

Black man with British accent sleeps with your wife.Temptations + Afro beat + Pharoah Sanders = Michael Kiwanuka’s “Tell Me a Tale.” And that’s just an algorithm for the one tune.

Hang on… equations cannot normally describe music with any degree of accuracy. Equations don’t even have eyebrows.

But Michael Kiwanuka, a contemporary British musician, is such a stitch job of disparate influences that it’s hard not to try to break down his sound to its denominators. And then again, who isn’t a stitch job these days? In modern society, we can pick and choose who we are, more than ever before, as if the world is but an á la carte menu of identity.

Got a notion? You can find a thousand people who will sing the same song.

So be careful what songs you start to sing. This is the freedom fundamentalists are afraid of.

Sorry, I was just introducing some music, and got preachy.

Enjoy it. Amen.

Song: Tell Me a Tale
Artist: Michael Kiwanuka
Album: Tell Me A Tale Ep Isle Of Wight Sessions
Label: Interscope
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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