245: “Brother’s Keeper (Parts 1 and 2)” by Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

Karl can kick your ass, but totally won't.“I’m just trying to do for you what I hope you would do for me.” That’s wisdom from Brother’s Keeper (2009). Karl Denson and his Tiny Universe have done something for you. Listen and enjoy.

The answer is always pretty simple. Karl knows it.

Happy Newness!!

Song: Brother’s Keeper (Part 1 and 2)
Artist: Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe
Album: Brother’s Keeper
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
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244: “Zig Zag” by Ornette Coleman

Don't move a muscle... or I'll blow.Whether or not you like “free jazz,” this song, “Zig Zag,” has an interesting hook: the free jazz pioneer, alto saxophonist Ornette Coleman, is accompanied by his then 10-year-old son Denardo on drums.

It’s just a (world-renowned musician) father playing with his young son (oh, and Charlie Haden on bass). Listen to the playfulness of Ornette’s melodies and the young drummer imitating his father’s unstructured musical pursuit. You should also know it wasn’t the publicity stunt of an absentee parent. Denardo has been one of Ornette’s primary drummers since the 70’s.

The Empty Foxhole was released in 1966. On it, Ornette Coleman also plays trumpet and violin in addition to his alto sax. He doesn’t know how to play the violin, but if people will pay to listen to him make noise with it, then I guess he knows how to use it. Here’s a great article from AllAboutJazz about the album.

Open up your ear holes, and enjoy some free jazz family fun.

Song: Zig Zag
Artist: Ornette Coleman
Album: The Empty Foxhole
Label: Blue Note Records
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243: “It’s Getting Hectic” by The Brand New Heavies

He ain't heavy, he's my drummer!I grew up in the 80’s and rap was just being born. That new form of music was one of the rays of musical light in my life, starting with Slick Rick, D Nice, The Fresh Prince and LL Cool J.

Around 1990, music turned a hairspray-fogged corner.

Check out “It’s Getting Hectic,” off the Heavies’ first forray into hip-hop from its acid jazz roots, Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol 1 (1992).


Song: It’s Getting Hectic
Artist: Brand New Heavies
Album: Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol 1
Label: Delicious Vinyl
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242: “Where The Hell Is Henry?” by Chuck Prophet

Photo shoot. Grandma's House.If you mix Tom Petty juice with Alex Chilton juice and reduce, it might taste something like Chuck Prophet sauce.

I suspect Chuck Prophet may be tired of Tom Petty references, but I’m going to compound his potential suffering by saying he even sort of looks like Tom Petty. Sorry, dude.

Chuck was in Green on Red back in the 80’s for you fossils out there. I’m linking below to “Where the Hell Is Henry?” from ¡Let Freedom Ring! (2009). But I’ve also posted a YouTube video of a song from Chuck’s impending album, Temple Beautiful.

Chuck’s music is straight ahead and fairly radio-ready, but it’s also slightly off kilter, with attitude to spare. I think you may dig it.

Suck down some sauce, and enjoy.

Song: Where The Hell Is Henry?
Artist: Chuck Prophet
Album: ¡Let Freedom Ring!
Label: Yep Roc Records
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Song: Temple Beautiful
Artist: Chuck Prophet
Album: Temple Beautiful (Unreleased as of Dec 14, 2011)
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241: “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus

Tassels in heavenIt’s Friday. Looks like a 7-beer sunset.

“Tell Me Something Good” was the funky plea from Rufus, led by none other than Chaka Khan.

It’s about time to ask Santa for something.


Song: Tell Me Something Good
Artist: Rufus
Album: The Very Best of Rufus
Label: Geffen
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240: “Doin’ The Thing” by Lefties Soul Connection

Netherlander Funken.Driving instrumental funk?


Lefties Soul Connection is an Amsterdam-based funk engine. I had something more to say about them, but I left my notes in my other pants, which are in my other car, which exists only in a euphemism on a bumper sticker on my current car. Stupid place to put them. I can’t very well find my pants in a euphemism, so I don’t have anything else to say, other than…


Song: Doin’ The Thing
Artist: Lefties Soul Connection
Album: Hutspot
Label: Excelsior Recordings
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239: “Airstrip One” by Bobby Previte’s Coalition of the Willing

I look 20% more like Draco Malfoy in this light.Bobby Previte is a prolific songwriting jazz drummer. He’s worked with dozens of the highest caliber musicians stardust can spawn. The Coalition of the Willing (active 2006-2007) rotated through several members that included Charlier Hunter, Skerik, Steven Bernstein, Jamie Saft and Robert Walter.

Previte’s songwriting is cinematic and grand, and it seems great musicians enjoy operating in the space he creates.

“Airstrip One” cracks wide open at about the 2:18 mark. Horns come in right at liftoff when the song turns funky.

You gotta be judicious with horns. And laxatives. And blondes. And blondes on laxatives.

Check out Bobby Previte if you get a chance. If you ever see him live, you will see that he works hard for the money. So you go on and treat him right.


Song: Airstrip One
Artist: Bobby Previte’s Coalition of the Willing
Album: Coalition of the Willing
Label: Ropeadope
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