242: “Where The Hell Is Henry?” by Chuck Prophet

Photo shoot. Grandma's House.If you mix Tom Petty juice with Alex Chilton juice and reduce, it might taste something like Chuck Prophet sauce.

I suspect Chuck Prophet may be tired of Tom Petty references, but I’m going to compound his potential suffering by saying he even sort of looks like Tom Petty. Sorry, dude.

Chuck was in Green on Red back in the 80’s for you fossils out there. I’m linking below to “Where the Hell Is Henry?” from ¡Let Freedom Ring! (2009). But I’ve also posted a YouTube video of a song from Chuck’s impending album, Temple Beautiful.

Chuck’s music is straight ahead and fairly radio-ready, but it’s also slightly off kilter, with attitude to spare. I think you may dig it.

Suck down some sauce, and enjoy.

Song: Where The Hell Is Henry?
Artist: Chuck Prophet
Album: ¡Let Freedom Ring!
Label: Yep Roc Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG

Song: Temple Beautiful
Artist: Chuck Prophet
Album: Temple Beautiful (Unreleased as of Dec 14, 2011)
Watch: YouTube

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