254: “My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes” by The Evil Tambourines

Next Time: My Dream Girl Picks Up Dog PooSome people make love to their own shoes. Some people listen to Ace of Bass… earnestly. And it is only safe to assume there are a number of sadistic miscreants who intentionally put underbutter on door handles.

Everyone who is worth their requisite oxygen has considered the notion that they might be THE ONLY REAL PERSON IN THE WORLD.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve done extensive research on the nature of the existence of a plurality of REAL PERSONS IN THE WORLD. And I must assure you with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE, of this fact:


I have a scientific hunch that if you have not made love to your shoes (too much), extravagantly enjoyed Ace of Bass, or misused underbutter, then you… in fact… might be REAL.

Breathe. And take stock.

Still… I’m just guessing. You very well might be a robot or simply a figment.

Listen to “My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes” by The Evil Tamborines, from Library Nation (2006). And enjoy.

If you’re even real at all.

Song: My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes
Artist: The Evil Tambourines
Album: Library Nation
Label: Sub Pop Records
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253: “Free” by DJ Afro

You want I should make love to your soul with this guitar?It’s a smooth-jam party-song (SJPS) happening today.

Cold check it… stirring some Black Cherry Kool-Aid just now, I came up with part of a rap chorus:

Bump your thangs
and raise your panky rangs…

(to the sky, uhhh,
to the sky, uhhh)…

Because I create and share beauty. It’s what I do. The muse is my hyper-vigilant slave-sorceress and you are at her teat.

Music-commentary-wise, in this post, DJ Afro‘s Free (2011) is expounded upon in this article by Jessica Rolz.


Song: Free
Artist: DJ Afro
Album: Free
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252: “Gone On And Get That Church” by Les McCann

"I hate the human love of that stinking mutt." -- What??For Uncle Funk, Being in Church is being with the ones he loves and taking a few solid moments to Think About What’s Important

Properly executed, it is followed by fried chicken and a leisurely deuce, while Uncle Funk sorts out his afternoon.

Pianist Les McCann was born in 1935 in Lexington, Kentucky. “Gone On And Get That Church” was originally released on In San Francisco (1961) but is now more readily available as a track on Stardust Records’ Essential Jazz Masters (2011), a compilation of some of McCann’s highlight tracks. The album crackles and sizzles from beginning to end. Listen to it some kind of way using the links below.


Oh, and then, Consider Your Happiness And Be Thankful! That’s Church, too!!

Song: Gone On And Get That Church
Artist: Les McCann
Album: Essential Jazz Masters
Label: Stardust Records
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251: “I’m Sad The Goat Just Died Today” by The Frogs

Role Models Are For Idiots.Your mother did her best to make sure that you didn’t turn out like The Frogs.

She would be so disappointed if you even looked in the direction of this song.

Sorry, Mom… Enjoy.

Song: I’m Sad The Goat Just Died Today
Artist: The Frogs
Album: My Daughter The Broad
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250: “Pusherman” by Curtis Mayfield

Curtis was three steps ahead of everyone else. Glasses prove it.Sometimes I gotta remember not everyone knows the classics. I’m getting old enough to have to remember: There is always a new generation of baby funk scientists pit-pattering around our hairy, grown-up selves whilst we cop our grooves, eat our peaches, and pass the time.

And it’s not enough just to pass the time… You also have to pass the torch.

In light of such, I now slowly reach out, in a most ceremonious and profound manner… and present to you… dot dot dot… Curtis Mayfield‘s “Pusherman” (1972).

Take it. DO it.

Why? Because it’s rude not to, you young piece of post-millennial trash. No, I didn’t mean that. Just listen. It’s worth trying. Listen. Listen hard.

Dot. Dot. Dot… First one’s free.


Song: Pusherman
Artist: Curtist Mayfield
Album: Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversay Edition
Label: Atlantic Records
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249: “Dame Agua” by Captain Planet

Snazzy muhfuh.Captain Planet is a New York-based DJ/Producer/Smartass who cranks out some bumping jango sauce. See album Cookin’ Gumbo (2011).

Captain Planet is tongue-in-cheekily named after a dookey-awful cartoon series co-created by Ted Turner and Al Gore’s third chakra back in the early 1990’s.

Now you know the important facts. Listen to the vibrations caused by the Captain, and enjoy.

Song: Dame Agua
Artist: Captain Planet
Album: Cookin’ Gumbo
Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
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248: “Sidearms and Parsnips” by Fila Brazillia

Not your mom's electronica duo.Your mother would love this band (if she’s awesome), even though the name of the album is Dicks (2004). BUT… she’s never heard of them.

Send your mom some music by Fila Brazillia, or whoever. Experiment with different methods of sending music to your mom. Email. Beatbox on the phone. On a cd, in a case, in a box. Interpretive dance. Twitter. Via Dad. Whateva. No way this can go wrong!

Start sharing now. After all… you love your mother.

Find something you can both cop a groove to, and enjoy.

Song: Sidearms and Parsnips
Artist: Fila Brazillia
Album: Dicks
Label: Twentythree
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
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